About Veronica & Olympic Heart Yoga

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      Veronica began her yogic journey by first becoming certified in SUP (Stand Up paddle board) Yoga.  Since she had grown up surrounded by water in the Bahamas and spent most of her life in pools, her comfort level in water was almost equal to that on land-ironically, she is also a Pisces!
      As her type A personality demonstrated, she grew up practicing diving and took it about as far as an elite athlete can go, to the world athletic stage, the Olympic Games. Doing something aspirational once is sufficient for most people, but not enough for Veronica.  Her passion for the sport stoked the fire deep within to continue as she always saw where improvements could be made.
      Having represented her native Argentina on 4 Olympic teams, as well as competing in the U.S. National Championships and capturing two National titles, she finished her long career by representing the U.S. in several international competitions as a member of the U.S.  National team.
      After retiring from competition, Veronica taught and coached some of the best up and coming young divers in Miami on her own age group team for 10 years. Then she moved to Ithaca for the position of head coach of diving at Cornell University where she excelled as one of the longest lasting female diving coaches in the Ivy League-8 seasons.
      On one of her Cornell intercession training trips with her divers to Hawaii, she hopped on a Paddle board and it was love at first sight!  Upon returning to Ithaca, she discovered what Cayuga Lake could be like in spring and summer and began training to race paddle boards.  She discovered a great way to stay in shape while finding her familiar home on the water.  It’s hard to get rid of the competitive mentality when ones been in it all their life.
      Circle back around to 2016, where Veronica began her journey into yoga.  Finding the calm, compassionate practice that allows one to feel whole,  yoga stirs something deep within our souls.  We are able to align with the divine current of our own energy. The energy of the heart.   
      This journey seems like a radical shift from where her life’s energies have previously played, the small percentage of people who can compete in a judged sport where our efforts never seem to go far enough, to an accessible, energizing & nurturing practice that everybody can partake in.  Yet the one constant still shines.  Passion, illuminated in her soul, the passion Veronica feels for helping everyone to discover their own excellence, bliss and peace.
      Namaste (the light in my soul honors the light in yours)